Story Edit

Long ago the scientists at a lab made a breakthrough They were finally able to give humans what they called 'add-ons'. These 'add-ons' were what we call now hybrids and powers. Years later these people were moved into society but were treated very harshly for being different. Years from that they had become one with everyone else...

Your parents had received a letter one day. Whether they told you about it or not I don't know. Anyway, the letter told them on an uprising that was looking to take out all of the new hybrids and powers. There were camps being set up everywhere to keep these kids safe. You've now been moved to this camp. Now it's up to you whether you make friends, enemies or find love.

Rules Edit

1- This is 12+

2- We do allow swearing, but please don't use it every other word

3- Please choose to either have powers or be a hybrid. You can't be both

4- If you chose powers, you can have up to four powers

5- If you chose to be a hybrid you can only be a hybrid between a human and one other creature

Bios Edit

Here's the base for a bio. (Feel free to add more stuff to it, this is just basic info we need)

Full Name:


Powers or Hybrid:






Medical Information:


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